The Elmwood City concept

The Elmwood City concept is not that of the capitalist dream. It’s a bit like Gilligans island  were everyone has a different  purpose  and must fulfill  that purpose to survive. An entrepreneurs city were there are no corporations with their layer after layer of lackeys,  just needy people serving needy people. All  residents supply a product or service, whilst working for themselves usually out of their homes.  Everyone in Elmwood City is middle class  or at least of the same class. Sounds of socialism, you wish. This is closer to the grunt and groan  of serfdoms barter or hock for your lunch. Residents lack the technological and communicative advances  others take for granted, there is no trickle down wealth. Some supplies  and essentials are hard to come by, things like furniture, building materials and splendid nik knacks. With everyone essentially  self employed  there is not a large  manual labor force hence almost all menial  tasks are preformed by every one for themselves things like gardening chores and most cooking, home repairs and new building. All of the extensive  and essential advertising is self produced and of coarse with advertising as the life blood of Elmwood City everyone is a sign painter.

Elmwood City

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These first 3 shoots were a collaboration betwixt David brothers, Clint Wardlow  and Dennis Reynolds. Our models were Elaine Glick , Robin Ballard, Floyd Glick, Meg Bowman and Dennis Reynolds.